Feather Redfox

Feather Redfox - Silent No More
acrylic on stretched canvas

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Tell us the name of your piece or what it isSilent No More
Describe the medium used in creating your workacrylic on stretched canvas
If you have additional details about the piece in the photo, share them here. Keep it short. A brief paragraph at most.This is an ARTIFACT of my Essence as a being, including many facets symbols, colors and shapes and more of who I am.  It is created using the Intentional Creativity process of many layers.  The Being gave me many stories of her beginnings in another place and time and observations about our own time and place.
City and state where the artist is locatedCity: Santa Fe
State: New Mexico
About the Artist. A sentence or short paragraph please.I paint from my heart and inner visions, from the words of my Guides.  I am very spiritually attuned, a contemporary shaman one who can see other realities and possible futures. Am a graduate of Philadelphia College of Art and Maryland institute College of Art with many juried and one person shows
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