Judith Peck

Judith Peck - Steeled
Steeled is diptych painting. Oil and plaster shards on panel.

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Tell us the name of your piece or what it isSteeled is diptych painting
Describe the medium used in creating your workOil and plaster shards on panel
If you have additional details about the piece in the photo, share them here. Keep it short. A brief paragraph at most.My painting Steeled is about being ready to defend oneself from any affront. It can be lonely and cruel as depicted in the isolated landscape, the churning sky and the rough rock outcropping. I painted it in warm and cool greys with oil on broken plaster shards to represent the broken world. The model is wrapped in a shawl to comfort herself. I painted this as a Diptych so one panel would only show a landscape and the second panel would place the figure in the landscape.
City and state where the artist is locatedCity: Great Falls
State: Virginia
About the Artist. A sentence or short paragraph please.Judith Peck is a Washington, DC area allegorical figurative artist who has made her life’s work to paint about current issues, using a variety of methods and experimental techniques to achieve a diverse range of visual and tactile results that validate a strong narrative.
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