Lina De Lorenci Johnson

Lina De Lorenci Johnson
Rhodonite Necklace - Wire Wrapped Jewelry Featuring Natural Gemstones

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Tell us the name of your piece or what it isRhodonite Necklace
Describe the medium used in creating your workWire Wrapped Jewelry Featuring Natural Gemstones
If you have additional details about the piece in the photo, share them here. Keep it short. A brief paragraph at most.This stunning necklace features a Hand-Formed Rosary Style Chain made with Non-Tarnish Silver Wire, Matte Silver Jasper Beads Grade AAA, and Rhodonite Beads, as well as a wired wrapped Natural Rhodonite Pendant.
City and state where the artist is locatedCity: Chelsea
State: Alabama
About the Artist. A sentence or short paragraph please.I create custom designed jewelry that feature semi-precious stones from around the world as well as repurposed antique items. Wire wrapping techniques are used to highlight certain stones or colors. My designs are a combination of contemporary fashion with vintage and traditional elements that focus on the interwoven relationship of color, shape, visual texture, and emotion. All of my designs are bold, one of a kind pieces.
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