Sandra Barton

Sandra Barton
Illustrated Stationary and 2021 Calendar. Pen and Colored Pencil.

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Tell us the name of your piece or what it isIllustrated Stationary and 2021 Calendar
Describe the medium used in creating your workPen and Colored Pencil
If you have additional details about the piece in the photo, share them here. Keep it short. A brief paragraph at most.Inspired by a series of famous quotes and sayings, the greeting cards and calendars feature a series of original illustrations of women – all optimists and thoughtful observers of life. The illustrations serve as a way to bring an optimistic outlook to such unpredictable times.  
City and state where the artist is locatedCity: Ellicott City
State: Maryland
About the Artist. A sentence or short paragraph please.Sandra Barton is a printmaker and graphic artist living in Ellicott City, MD. When not creating art, she stays busy with her two teenage children, husband and two hound dogs. In addition to running Silver Pearl Studio, Sandra is the founder and owner of Varsity Graphics, a print and design company specializing in products that support schools, athletic teams and organizations.
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