Steve Kosztala

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Tell us the name of your piece or what it isKosztalascopes array
Describe the medium used in creating your workwood and glass – mixed media
If you have additional details about the piece in the photo, share them here. Keep it short. A brief paragraph at most.Kosztalascopes are made from various fine woods and are created on a lathe, with the pieces meticulously assembled by hand. Each Kosztalascope employs unique design and engineering solutions.
City and state where the artist is locatedCity: Cincinnati
State: Ohio
About the Artist. A sentence or short paragraph please.After retiring in 2018, I put my love of designing and manual work together and took a class on creating kaleidoscopes. I was hooked. Before long I began crafting wooden kaleidoscopes fittingly called KOSZTALASCOPES.

With the mind of an inventor, at night I dream of new innovative designs and techniques for my next Kosztalascope.
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