Janet and Jay O’Rourke’s Fragments of Fairytales

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featuring the art of Janet and Jay O’Rourke

Handmade one of a kind sculptures turnings illustrations and many more…

Welcome to the world of Janet and Jay O’Rourke. We have been collaborating for over 45 years. Whimsical fairies, Flower Birds, Mythical Mermaids, and other fanciful imagery, drawn in elaborate patterns and textures is the hallmark of Janet O’Rourke Designs. This vibrant artistry creates beautiful artwork with great customer appeal. Janet O’Rourke Designs artwork is the essence of Victorian revival, mixed with modern themes and styles.


Dec 04 - 05 2021


All Day
  • Organizer Name: Janet and Jay O’Rourke
  • Event Website: https://fragmentsoffairytales.com
  • City where organizer is located: Worldwide
  • State where organizer is located: Oregon

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