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A primary promotional component of the Artists Sunday program is the Artists Sunday Toolkit. Toolkits will be issued to all Artists and Artists Sunday Partner members later in the year. We reference it here frequently on the Artists Sunday web site, but since the kit will not be out until October, we thought it might be a good idea to discuss what it will include, when it’s released.

The toolkit is a digital packet that includes marketing copy, graphics, logos and more. It’s designed to augment your own marketing and messaging, not replace it. It allows for flexibility and creativity but it also provides a guiding hand so that all Artists Sunday alliance members share the same key, unified message across the country, making for a strong, loud, message that will resonate with consumers.

So what’s included in the Artists Sunday marketing toolkit? Artist Sunday Partners Toolkit includes:

  1. Marketing Strategy Playbook. The playbook for maintaining the integrity of Artists Sunday.
  2. Spread the Word Checklist. Raise awareness and engagement for the movement.
  3. Engagement Timeline. Your roadmap to a successful Artists Sunday.
  4. Press Release Template. Everything you need to announce your plans to media outlets.
  5. Email Templates. Templates to fill your audience in on how to support you this Artists Sunday.
  6. Social Media Templates. Take full advantage of social media to engage with your community.
  7. Blog Post Template. Highlight your efforts and give details about the Artists Sunday and your holiday promotions
  8. E-Commerce Holiday Best Practices Checklist. Learn how to make more sales online.
  9. Web Banners and Badges. Let everyone know you are participating in Artists Sunday.
  10. Event Production Checklist. Put on an event like a pro by checking off everything a good event needs.
  11. Artist Best Practice Tips:
    • Accepting Commission Work: Things to Consider Before Saying Yes
    • Tips for Hosting a Booth at an Event
    • Tips for Engaging with Rude Customers
    • Tips for Creating an Excellent Artist Introductory Video
    • and more.

We hope this gives you an idea of what will be included in the forthcoming Artists Sunday Toolkit. If you haven’t already signed up for Artists Sunday, please consider doing so at the links below or in the menu above.

For Artists

Participate in Artists Sunday

For non-profits

Join the Artists Partner Program

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