Media Kit

Media Kit

Grab the Artists Sunday media kit assets below, including key messages, logos, graphics, posters and more. Visit the press room for press releases and selected coverage.

The full Artists Sunday media kit will be made available in Fall 2023.

In the mean time, please find our 2023 logo below.

2023 logos

To download a logo from your PC, right click on a logo to download the image.

Artists Sunday 2023 Social Media Frame

Below is the Artists Sunday social media frame. It’s designed go around your profile picture on social media, including, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. To use it you’ll need access to a tool, such as Photoshop, whereby you can insert your photo into the center of the ring. After you’ve done this, you can upload it to your social media profiles to use as your profile picture between now and Artists Sunday.

Social Media Frame Template

Download the image above or download the Photoshop version here.

Sample Use. See it in use on Facebook here

Sample Mockup of a Social Media Frame

Key Messages

Artists Sunday is a day to support local artists in your community.

Artists Sunday was created in 2020 to encourage people to shop with artists and buy art as gifts during the holidays.

There’s perhaps nothing more personal than a gift of the arts.

Give something special, unique, and handcrafted this holiday season and support local artists and the local economy.

More than 500 communities across the United States have come together for the forth year to champion local artists and promote the giving of the arts this holiday season.

Communities from coast-to-coast, large and small, are celebrating Artists Sunday on Nov 26, 2023 by highlighting local artists, creators and makers and promoting the giving of artistic items and experiences for the holidays.

Positioned during the year’s busiest holiday shopping weekend, Artists Sunday, falls between Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.

Artists Sunday unites artists and communities across the country, all promoting purchases from local artists.

Artists Sunday, the Sunday after Thanksgiving (Nov 26, 2023), is the world’s largest art event, dedicated to supporting artists and recognizing the impact they have in enriching our lives, communities, and the economy.

Go to the press room here for individual press releases.

Social Media Graphics

2023 social media graphics will arrive in the fall. 

Take full advantage of social media to engage with your community. Combine the templates above with a graphic below to make your message standout. Download several for use between now and November 26. Click on an image to view it and then right click to download it. Or download all 20 images at once here: 25 MB file download.

Posters are here!

We’ve designed 20 fantastic posters available for printing up to 18 x 24 inches. They also print well at 8.5 x 11 inches. Because of the file size, the posters are available as a separate download. To download individual posters or all posters, go to our Dropbox account here:

Proclamation Request Template

Submit an Artists Sunday proclamation request to your city to call attention, commemorate and recognize artists in your community. A proclamation request to a city is a formal written request submitted to the local government or city officials. A proclamation is an official statement or declaration issued by a city’s government or mayor to recognize and commemorate a particular event, cause, individual, organization, or achievement.

We’ve provide you a complete Proclamation Request Details Page which includes “how to” details, a Mayor Letter Template and Proclamation for Artists Sunday Template. View the page here and research this process as early as possible. The time it takes to complete a Proclamation depends on the policies and procedures of the specific city or municipal government you are dealing with.

Social Media Connections

Official Artists Sunday hashtag on social media is #ArtistsSunday

Artists Sunday City Map

The pins show cities where there are Artists Sunday artists or partners. We have participants in all 50 states and several international locations. It does not show multiple Artists Sunday participants in a single city. Short url of this map in Google Maps is:

B-roll Video

B-roll video for broadcast or online use is here. Download the 3840 x 2160 video directly from our Google Drive here. Or grab the YouTube version below.