Artists Sunday Map as of Sept 18, 2020

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The Artists Sunday movement continues to grow at an astounding rate. We have 837 artists and economic development organizations across the country participating – with more joining daily.

Members include over 700 individual artisans as well as 135 state art agencies, municipalities, counties, chambers of commerce and non-profit organizations, representing thousands of additional artists. New participants are joining daily.

Artists Sunday encompasses a full spectrum of the arts from painting, sculpture, and photography to clothing, jewelry, pottery, and a range of handcrafted items that can be both practical and beautiful. Performance art is also included.

Planted squarely in the midst of the largest holiday shopping weekend of the year, Artists Sunday aims to make the Sunday after Thanksgiving the arts’ most profitable day annually, boosting sales for creators of art, crafts and handmade items while encouraging consumers to purchase art as holiday gifts. 

In the lead-up to Thanksgiving weekend, consumers across the country can expect a range of activities to raise awareness about Artists Sunday, with individual artists and organizations engaging and inspiring them to add art and hand-crafted items to their holiday shopping lists.

In addition to promotions across the country, consumers can visit and search Artists Sunday participants by state and city or town, as well as different categories of arts, crafts and handmade items.




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