Diane Perry

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Artist’s city and state.City: Colbert
State: Georgia
Artist website.http://www.catcophony.com
The artist’s piece.Fine silver ginkgo pendant
The medium used in creating the work.metal clay
Additional details about the piece.Cast from ginkgo leaves the pendant is made from fine silver metal clay.  Metal clay is fine particles of metal in an organic binder.  It is molded, sculpted or formed, dried and then fired in a kiln at high temperatures.  The binder fires off leaving the pure metal.
About the Artist.Catcophony Wearable Art by Diane Perry grew from a desire to create jewelry with simple lines and timeless appeal.  Catcophony, a play on cacophony, resulted from the inability to settle on only one technique for creating jewelry and a love of cats.  The artisan uses both traditional jewelry techniques and unconventional techniques to create wearable art from copper, silver, and brass.  The use of a scrapbooking technique resulted in the ‘Watercolor’ earrings she created for celebrities & media at the GBK Productions Oscars Gift Lounges and the GBK Productions Prime Time Emmy Awards Gift Lounge, and an embossed & patinaed line for the GBK Productions MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge.  She is currently working on a copper fold-formed jewelry, an expanded embossed and patinaed line, etched and woven metalwork, and metal clay pieces in fine silver, sterling silver, copper, and bronze metal clay.  All work is done using recycled materials, when possible, and using environmentally friendly processes such as heat patinas and chemicals that are environmentally safe.
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