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Artist’s city and state.City: Surf City
State: New Jersey
Artist website.http://www.swellcolors.com
The artist’s piece.Summer Heat –  stained glass
The medium used in creating the work.One of a kind stained glass panel
Additional details about the piece.This piece is 37.5″ x 23.5″ and is made from hundreds of different pieces of blown and machine rolled stained glass.
About the Artist.Mary Tantillo has been working with glass for over twenty years, and absolutely loves it. She started out making stained glass windows, but has grown to also create a wide range of mosaics, backsplashes, fused glass art, and home decor. You can find Mary’s work all over the world. She is proud to call Long Beach Island her home, and gains inspiration from the natural beauty every day. When not in her studio, you might find Mary out surfing…
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