Festival Inspired Poster Design Contest

Call for Entries: Artist Sunday’s Art Festival-inspired poster competition is open for participation from all artists, designers and creators.

The competition seeks to have individuals create and submit an Artist Sunday event poster. The design should be along the same lines to the extraordinarily diverse posters created for art fairs around the country. That is to say, widely diverse designs and look and feel are allowed. All design submissions must be tastefully done.

A pdf and jpg of the poster will be included in the Artists Sunday Toolkit made available to participating artists and partners. A pdf or jpg will be made available to the media as part of the media kit for our public relations campaign.

There is no entry fee to participate.

  • First price winner will receive $250.
  • Second prize winner will receive $200.
  • Third prize winner will receive $150.



All submissions must conform to the following guidelines:

  • Poster should be in portrait orientation, 11×17 inches for print and display. Keep in mind that the poster may be printed smaller and will be used as display on a web page. Please consider these dimensions when creating the graphics or choosing a typeface.
  • Poster must prominently include the Artist Sunday as logo or the logo icon. If the logo icon is used without the full Artists Sunday logo text then the words Artists Sunday must be prominently featured in the image. Logo file may be downloaded here:
  • Poster must have the date spelled out: November 29, 2020
  • Poster must have the phrase: “Thanksgiving Weekend.
  • Poster must have the phrase: “Happening wherever you are
  • A small credit line with the artists name is allowed.
  • A 3″ high space across the entire bottom should be left in white, entirely empty, to be used for sponsor or partner logos and text
  • Hashtags #ArtistsSunday and #ShopArt may be included. If included, the hashtags should not be prominent, but rather serve as supporting text somewhere on the design
  • Design should NOT have a holiday theme. The theme is art, in it’s broadest sense.
  • Digital designs should be submitted as a 300dpi PDF format.  All fonts used should be imbedded the PDF
  • If submitting a traditional painting or drawing, it should be scanned and sent as a 300 dpi PDF.
  • Maximum file size is 30MB
  • Multiple submissions are accepted
  • Files should be named as follows: Firstname_lastname_1.PDF (With the number corresponding to the number of entries submitted by the artist)
  • Any mixed media suitable for reproduction as a poster is allowed, including computer-generated graphics. Posters must be two-dimensional. All posters must be original art. No trademarked or copyrighted images or phrases should be used, with the exception of the Artists Sunday name and logo. Poster may include elements of stock art as long as you have the proper rights to do so. However, posters will be judged on originality, as well as creativity and use of typography.
  • First, second and third place files become property of Artists Sunday
  • Entries are due by September 1, 2020. Judging will be held thereafter. Winner will be notified by September 7, 2020.

Winning entries become the property of the Artists Sunday.

Entry in the contest constitutes full permission to publish names of winners without further compensation. The determination of eligibility of entries and any interpretation of these rules is at the sole discretion of the Artists Sunday, and shall be final and binding upon all entrants.

By participating, the entrant agrees to abide by and be bound by these rules.

Look for inspiration here: