Event Production Checklist

Note:  Artists Sunday events and promotions don’t all have to take place on Artists Sunday, November 26, 2023. Events (or virtual events) and promotions can run for several days or even weeks during the holiday season. Create something that works best for you and your customers. If need be, consider collaborating or hosting something with an established event.

In our Artists Sunday Spread The Word Checklist here, we highlighted how important events and promotions can be for building momentum. Here are some ideas for hosting a successful Artists Sunday event that your audience will be excited to attend.

Host an Event

The first step of event production is deciding to host. Everyone loves an entertaining event, but someone has to organize and host it. After you’ve said “yes” to hosting, here’s how to make it official:

  • Build an event team. Collaborate with your fellow creatives or community leaders to help make hosting even easier.
  • Find the perfect location. Whether it’s in person or online, make sure your community can attend your event easily and safely. Find an artsy venue or create a fun virtual space to gather (e.g. schools, churches, city halls, libraries, art commissions, chamber of commerce’s, homes and parks).
  • Decide on a time. Pitch a time when a majority of people in your community will be available. Take into consideration any events already happening in your area. Keep in mind that online events can easily run for 2-3 days.
  • Build your guest list. Decide who your ideal guests are. Is your event going to be local or open to a wider audience?


Create a Unifying Theme

Identify an event theme that will bring people together. Picking a theme for your event will help your guests know what to expect when they arrive and help you plan out activities.

If you’re stumped on a theme, here are a few ideas: Playground of Life, Around the World (even include an event passport to encourage consumers to visit multiple artists), Childhood Dreams, $50 works for under $50 and The Sky’s the Limit.

Don’t be afraid to flex your creativity!


Build Excitement

Maximize your turnout by making your event a blast! The goal of Artists Sunday events is to increase awareness and get more people involved. But your event shouldn’t be a boring informational meeting. Make it fun and exciting for people to attend by approaching it like a party! A great party has…

  • Secure exciting entertainment. For art-appreciators, live painting or crafting is plenty of fun to watch! Call for artists in the community to join you in showing off their artistic process at your event. They get publicity (and maybe extra sales) while your audience gets insight into the creative process.
  • Offer delicious food. Reach out to local restaurants in your area to see if they’d like to rent out a table or food truck parking spot to sell their food at your event. Guests can enjoy local eats, and you’ll have some extra funds to put into your event. Be sure to get venue permission and permits from the city to host a food truck.
  • Host lively music or play background music. Music not only keeps shoppers at your event, but it also enhances their experiences (and oftentimes increases sales). First, find the music perfect for your unique work and shoppers. It needs to be authentic to your brand and convey the emotions that will make buyers purchase your work.
     Then, make sure that your source for the music you want to use is legal. Your venue can often help by telling you what is allowed. Remember, if you host live music, you need to consider the volume, the type of music (it needs to resonate with your audience), the size of the venue, and the number of people at your event.
  • Giveaway enticing gifts or bundles. Encourage guests to sign up with their emails for more information about the movement in exchange for entry for a giveaway.


Send an Invitation

Get the word out about your Artists Sunday event.

  • Use our Artists Sunday Spread The Word Checklist here for helpful ways to get your invitation out into the community (e.g. press releases, social media, and more).
  • If you’re collaborating with other businesses in your community, have them put flyers about the event in their storefront!
  • Be sure to include the event’s time, date, and location on your invitation.
  • Your emails should direct customers to your booth or studio space, alert them of different sales and specials you are offering, and event announcements.
  • Create an event on Facebook through your business page and invite your followers, friends, and family to RSVP to your event.
  • Many art selling sites, like Fine Art America, also have event promotion capabilities that it may be wise to utilize.