Below is the 2023 Toolkit. Please feel free to use to elements that work for you.
The 2024 Toolkit will be available in early October.

Artists Sunday's
Toolkit for Artists 2023

Official Artists Sunday hashtag on social media is #ArtistsSunday


Welcome to Artists Sunday, a marketing program and national event designed to help you, artists, creators and makers, market yourself during the holiday season. Artists Sunday, is a day when local communities come together and support their local artists.

This Toolkit is a guide and a toolbox of ideas you can use to promote yourself and your art.

It provides tools such email, press release and social media templates and graphics, all of which you can use to market yourself between now and Nov 26th.

It also includes checklists, advice and articles.

How to Use This Toolkit​

The links within the sections below provide you all you need to participate in Artists Sunday. All the links open new browser tabs for easy viewing. Use the elements that work best for you. Bookmark this page and return for items you may need in the future.

Key Messages

Artists Sunday is a day to support local artists in your community.

Artists Sunday was created in 2020 to encourage people to shop with artists and buy art as gifts during the holidays.

There’s perhaps nothing more personal than a gift of the arts.

Give something special, unique, and handcrafted this holiday season and support local artists and the local economy.

More than 500 communities across the United States have come together for the second year to champion local artists and promote the giving of the arts this holiday season.

Communities from coast-to-coast, large and small, are celebrating Artists Sunday on Nov 26, 2023 by highlighting local artists, creators and makers and promoting the giving of artistic items and experiences for the holidays.

Positioned during the year’s busiest holiday shopping weekend, Artist Sunday, falls between Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.

Artists Sunday unites artists and communities across the country, all promoting purchases from local artists.

Artists Sunday, the Sunday after Thanksgiving (Nov 26 this year), is the world’s largest art event, dedicated to supporting artists and recognizing the impact they have in enriching our lives, communities, and the economy.

Getting Started​

Start by reviewing these two pages first. They will serve as guides on how to best participate in Artists Sunday.

1. Getting Started
This Getting Started page gives you suggestions to successfully promote yourself as an Artists Sunday Artist and how to best use this toolkit.

2. Timeline
This Timeline suggests what to do now, what to focus on during October, where to focus in November, and even offers suggestions for December.

Proclamation Request Template

Submit an Artists Sunday proclamation request to your city to call attention, commemorate and recognize artists in your community. A proclamation request to a city is a formal written request submitted to the local government or city officials. A proclamation is an official statement or declaration issued by a city’s government or mayor to recognize and commemorate a particular event, cause, individual, organization, or achievement.

We’ve provide you a complete Proclamation Request Details Page which includes “how to” details, a Mayor Letter Template and Proclamation for Artists Sunday Template. View the page here and research this process as early as possible. The time it takes to complete a Proclamation depends on the policies and procedures of the specific city or municipal government you are dealing with.

Marketing Templates

Copy and paste the text from these templates into emails, websites or social media, replace all the placeholders, add a logo or social graphic from below and send them out.

1. Artists Email Templates.
This template is designed to inform your audience how to support you this Artists Sunday.

2. Social Media Templates.
We’ve created a full series of social media posts to help you engage with your community.

3. Press Release Template.
Everything you need to announce your plans to media outlets. Last year, almost all of Artists Sunday’s media coverage was from local media focused on local artists or supportive community art organizations. Use our press lists here to promote your Artists Sunday

4. Blog Post Template.
Give details about your Artists Sunday participation if you write a blog.

5. Gift Guide Pitch Template.
Pitch your art to local media outlets that may publish gift guides. Use our press lists here to promote your Artists Sunday

Logos and Badges​

The graphics are designed to let people know you’re participating in Artists Sunday. Below you’ll find the Artists Sunday logo, your Artists Sunday Featured Artist Badge and a variety of fun graphics. Use them in social media posts, in emails, or on your website or blog.

Artists Sunday 2023 Logo

Below are the Artist Sunday logos and badges. Right click on one to download it. Use them where you like; your web site, social media or emails.

Artists Sunday 2023 Social Media Frame

Below is the Artists Sunday social media frame. It’s designed go around your profile picture on social media, including, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. To use it you’ll need access to a tool, such as Photoshop, whereby you can insert your photo into the center of the ring. After you’ve done this, you can upload it to your social media profiles to use as your profile picture between now and Artists Sunday.

Social Media Frame Template

Download the image above or download the Photoshop version here.

Sample Use. See it in use on Facebook here

Sample Mockup of a Social Media Frame

Social Media Graphics​

Take full advantage of social media to engage with your community. Combine the templates above with a graphic below to make your message standout. Download several for use between now and November 26.

Click on an image to view it and then right click to download it. Or download all 20 images at once here: 25 MB file download.

Posters and Fliers

We’ve designed 20 fantastic posters available for printing up to 18 x 24 inches. They also print well at 8.5 x 11 inches. Because of the file size, the posters are available as a separate download. To download individual posters or all posters, go to our Dropbox account here:

Checklists for Artists​

These checklists are designed to improve your chances of a really great Artists Sunday this year. We highly recommend #1 and #2. 

1.  Spread the Word Marketing Checklist.
Raise awareness and engagement for yourself with the movement.

2. E-Commerce Holiday Best Practices Checklist.
Learn how to make more sales online.

3. Event Production Checklist.
Put on a physical event like a pro.

Tips and Tricks Articles for Artists

Being a professional artist can be hard work. Check out our tips and best practices on various subjects that professional artists face from time-to-time – all written by Cynthia Freese, our one-of-a-kind Director of Artists Relations. Each link below opens a new browser tab to the corresponding blog post.

Tips for Creating an Excellent Artist Introductory Video
Accepting Commission Work: Things to Consider Before Saying Yes!
Tips for Hosting a Booth at an Event
Tips for Engaging with Rude Customers

Conclusion, Rules and Legal Stuff

When using the logo, please adhere to the Marketing and Logo Brand Guide.

Assets are not to be altered, except as indicated, and are not to used outside of their intended purpose.

These assets are for participating Artists Sunday Artists per the Artists Sunday Artist Rules for Participation.

If you are not yet signed up for Artists Sunday:
If you came across this Toolkit and you are a professional artist or creator and you are not signed up as an Artist with us, please sign up here:  

Artists Sunday is free for all professional artists.



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