Artist Rules for Participation

This Toolkit is for Artist Sunday Artist Members. If you are not an Artists Sunday Artist Member, you are not permitted to use these Toolkit assets. If you wish to become an Artists Sunday Artist Member please visit to sign up.

Artists Sunday exists and comes to life only through the collective efforts of many participants – local artists and craftsmen, champions of the art community, non-profit organizations, government entities, and art-supporting companies.

Because of the scale of this initiative, we provide a comprehensive way for you to participate in this movement through our Artists Sunday Toolkit for Artists.

Again, thank you for being one of the many voices in our unified effort to unite and promote professional artists on the busiest shopping weekend of the year!

As a reminder, you may:

  • Use the materials in this Artists Sunday Toolkit for Artists to show your commitment to the success of artists and craftsmen and the communities they serve.
  • Use assets exactly as provided – modifying only in instances noted highlighted in yellow and in brackets ([ ]).
  • Reach out to the Artists Sunday at with questions.
  • Use the Artists Sunday assets and materials featuring sales promotions and events


You may not:

  • Alter the assets or extract elements from the assets, such as the Artists Sunday logos, to use in ways unrelated to Artists Sunday.
  • Run a contest or sweepstakes in conjunction with Artists Sunday.
  • Promote the Artists Sunday brand as part of a controversial topic, etc.


Any information provided as permitted alterations or modifications to the Artist Sunday Toolkit may not include any statement, opinion, information or other content, or be incorporated into any web page, sign, banner or other marketing material that contains content, that:

  • Is fictitious, false, inaccurate, or misleading
  • Promotes sweepstakes (this means any giveaway or promotion in which random chance, rather than skill, determines who wins or gets a prize)
  • Is disparaging or defamatory to any person or entity
  • Contains any profanity or is otherwise obscene, pornographic, or offensive
  • Contains superlatives (e.g., words like “best,” “first,” “fastest” and “cheapest”)
  • Promotes any illegal or unlawful product or service or suggests, encourages, or promotes the violation of any laws, rules or regulations
  • Infringes the rights of any person or entity, including, without limitation, rights of privacy, publicity or intellectual property
  • Promotes or advocates for any sensitive or controversial topic
  • Is otherwise inconsistent with our values or the values of the Artists Sunday Alliance


Eligibility Requirements For Artist Participation:

  • You must be in the business of creating original, physical works of art or an experiential/performance artist.
  • You must have at least one physical or online business location within the United States and/or the U.S. territories.
  • You must not be a franchise brand.
  • You must not be a reseller or re-distributor of artwork created by another person.
  • You must not be a government agency, public administration organization, charity, religious organization, gas station, business located on the same premises as a gas station, non- profit, trade association, shopping property management company, sporting event producer, movie theater, antique dealer, multi-level marketer, direct seller, travel agent or political organization.
  • You must not be a business that is primarily in the business of manufacturing, promoting or selling diet aids, cannabis, pornography, sexual aids, gambling, liquor, tobacco (including tobacco-related equipment, such as e-cigarettes), firearms or other weapons, or any sensitive or controversial topics with respect to current events or otherwise be engaged in any activity that violates any rules, laws or regulations.
  • You may not be eligible if you participate in activities that we determine to be inconsistent with our values, or the values of the Artists Sunday Alliance.