Gift Guide Pitch Template


This Artists Sunday Gift Guide template is intended for use by artists who have committed to supporting Artists Sunday, agreed to the Terms and been accepted into the Artists Sunday program.

This Gift Guide template can help provide great exposure of your art in holiday-focused special publications that are produced annually by local and regional newspapers, magazines and broadcast outlets. Plan on sending it to your local media in October.

  1. Please remove this Instructions section before circulating this Toolkit Asset.
  2. Replace all the highlighted fillers in the template below.

[CONTACT NAME] – Your name

[ORGANIZATION NAME] – Your company, business, or brand name

[PHONE] – Your business phone number

[EMAIL] – Your business email address

[ORGANIZATION BOILERPLATE] – Information about your organization, specialty, unique position, etc.

[include a sentence about you as artist] – Include details about you as an artist. What makes you unique.

[Describe YOUR WORK AND the medium used] – Describe a little bit about your work. Are you a painter, photographer, do you work with clay or metal, etc.

  1. Proofread internally for spelling, grammar, flow, etc.
  2. Notify Artists Sunday via email to that you have issued the press release.

[Email Subject Line] Gift Guide Submission: Local Artist Created Gifts

Dear Gift Guide Editor:

I’d like to propose a creative addition to your upcoming gift guide that offers shoppers an easy and enjoyable way to stay close with friends and family by purchasing local arts, crafts, and handmade items this holiday season.

I am a local [Artist/artisan/creator/photographer/glass worker/etc] participating in Artists Sunday, the event that takes place the Sunday after Thanksgiving, November 26th, encouraging shopping with artists, creators and makers. Artists Sunday is right after Small Business Saturday.

[include a sentence about you as artist]

[Describe your work and the medium used]

Please visit my website at [] to review images of my work that could be included in your gift guide this year. Let me know if you need any assistance in accessing images that meet your specifications.

I appreciate your consideration and would be happy to answer any questions. If you would like more information about the Artists Sunday movement you can reach out to the Artists Sunday contact listed below.

Thank you!



About Artists Sunday

Artists Sunday, the Sunday after Thanksgiving (Nov 26 this year), is dedicated to supporting local artists and recognizing the impact they have in enriching our lives, communities, and the economy. Consumers are encouraged to shop with local artists, creators and performers and purchase creative, handcrafted items and artistic experiences for the holidays. Artists Sunday follows Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, prior to Cyber Monday. Supporters include thousands of individual artists, economic development agencies, commercial galleries, and non-profit organizations across the country, making Artists Sunday one of earth’s largest art events. Participation is free. To learn more about Artists Sunday and promoting commerce with artists, please visit



Christopher Sherman
Artists Sunday