Frequently Asked Questions

Artists Sunday is a nationwide program focused exclusively on encouraging consumers to shop with artists, makers and creators.

This is our general FAQ. Artists should check out our detailed Artist FAQ and non-profit organizations should review our Partner FAQ.

What is Artists Sunday?

We are a national alliance supported by Partners (non-profit organizations), Artists and sponsors across the country, encouraging shoppers to shop with artists, makers and creators.

Artists Sunday provides a free, comprehensive marketing package to all Artists and Partner members. In addition, we provide promotional support via direct public relations outreach to the national media during the fall holiday season.

How can I participate?

Original artists with either an online or physical presence (this can be at their own studio or at a community arts/crafts festival, art market or other event) can easily and conveniently participate for free. Visit our Artists FAQ page for details.

Local, state and national associations, not-for-profit groups and municipalities across the country can participate for free through our Artists Sunday Partner program.

When is Artists Sunday?

Artists Sunday is celebrated each year on the Sunday after Thanksgiving in the U.S. The next Artists Sunday is November 28, 2021.

How much does it cost to participate?

Artists Sunday is free to all Artists and Not-for-Profit organizations (Partner members) that support artists. There is no charge to participate for either group. Commercial non-artist companies can participate as sponsors.

How do consumers participate?

Consumers are encouraged to shop with artists this holiday season. This can be done a number of different ways:

  • Many artists have either their own online stores or participate in one or more artist community web sites such as etsy.com or elsewhere.
  • Artists can also be found on social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Artists Sunday Partner members will be listed on this web site.
  • Many  communities have art fairs, craft events and other holiday events designed to allow consumers to come, view and shop with multiple artists at once.
  • Other communities have dedicated buildings that house artist studios, which hold open houses to encourage the public to come in and shop.
  • Still other communities host artist days where studios around your city may open their doors to consumers.

What are Artists Sunday Benefits?

We provide a marketing toolkit to artists and partners. The toolkit provides consistent, comprehensive messaging to artists and communities nationwide to encourage consumers to shop for art for the holidays.  We support this with a national public relations campaign.

This unified nationwide promotion creates a national awareness of giving art as gifts for the holidays.

How do Sponsors participate?

Any company that resells someone else’s art is not eligible to participate for free either as an artist or a partner.

Commercial businesses that would like to participate in Artists Sunday should visit our sponsorship page. Commercial businesses are non-artist, for-profit entities. These could include galleries, vendors, shippers, and others that support the artist ecosystem or simply desire to support the arts.

What’s included in the Artists Sunday Artist and Partner marketing toolkit?

See the blog post on the toolkit here. It is expected to include the following:

  • press release template
  • engagement timeline
  • playbook
  • brand marketing instructions
  • rules for participation
  • web banners, graphics and badges
  • social media marketing copy templates for twitter, instagram, facebook and linkedin
  • social media graphics to accompany text copy
  • draft email templates to get the word out
  • draft blog posts to help get the word out
  • marketing flyer 1 sheet
  • spread-the-word checklist
  • event production checklist
  • marketing strategy document

Other questions?

Artists should check out our detailed Artist FAQ and non-profit organizations should review our Partner FAQ.

Please contact us through our contact us page and someone from the team will get back to you.

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