Top 20 Best gifts picks

With more than 2,000 artists from all 50 states participating in Artists Sunday, picking a top 20 that represented a variety of mediums and locations around the country was a difficult task, to say the least. But we weathered the storm and gathered our top gift picks below. These include a variety of handcrafted items including: paper, ceramics, wood, glass, wall hangings, clothing, jewelry, wellness and more. Click below to learn more about this year’s gift picks. But don’t just stop here! Search for your favorites artists in our Artist Directory and see the artists running holiday specials here.

Rainbow Sphere – Lampworked Borosilicate Glass
by Bandhu Dunham
– Prescott, Arizona

Stoneware Serving Pieces – Bamboo Decoration
by Barbara Goodfellow Childs
– Lynnwood, Washington

Cozy high neck hemp fleece sweatshirt
by Better Than Jam
– Brooklyn, New York

Assorted carved wood utensils
by Chaos Woods
– Austin, Texas

Orange Flower – comprised of wood and glass
by Charissa Brock
– Aloha, Oregon

Take The Leap colored pencil drawing
by David Neace
– Nicholasville, Kentucky

Handpainted sheets of gift wrapping paper
by Debra Flanagan
– Austin, Texas

Phoenix hat and matching face mask
by Heather Daveno
– Seattle, Washington

2021 Tranquil Images Wall Calendar – ink on paper
by Jean Rill-Alberto
– Middletown, Connecticut

Steeled – diptych painting. Oil and plaster shards on panel
by Judith Peck
Great Falls, Virginia

“Put A Bird On It” Salvaged Copper Statement Piece
by Julie Matos
Chicago, Illinois

Facets of Light – ceramic candle holders
by Kathy Pallie
San Rafael, California

‘Oh Relax’ spa & wellness gift set
by KT Creative Goods
Melrose, Massachusetts

Rhodonite Necklace
by Lina De Lorenci Johnson
– Chelsea, Alabama

Just for You 3D embellished crab
by Lisa Scarbath
– Ellicott City, Maryland

Oil Pan… 3D mixed media with Tractor Oil Pan, Ceramic birds, Bedsprings
by Merry Cox
– Salida, Colorado

Aramis – repurposed wood sculpture
from Ruthann Perry
– Hamilton, New Jersey

Kosztalascopes – wood and glass – mixed media
by Steve Kosztala
– Cincinnati, Ohio

Stuffed bunny, elephant and narwhal
by The Yawning Yorkie Craft Shop
Waterford, Pennsylvania

Foyer Sideboard – Wood Furniture
by Tom Dumke
– Oconomowoc, Wisconsin